“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” -Malcolm X

Lebanon is suffering from one of the world’s worst economic and financial crises. The national currency, the Lebanese Lira, has declined over 90% in value; banks are severely restricting

US $ cash withdrawals forcing many into a dire situation.

This is a historic decline in living standards with many Lebanese finding themselves in poverty.

The Lebanese future generations need us. Each of us can play a role. We would like you to join us in giving the new generation a helping hand. Although I am not an IC alumnus but my father,

my wife Zeina, and most of her family are all part

of the International College (IC) alumni family.  

We have joined forces with the “International College Washington, DC Alumni Chapter” also referred to as “ICDC”, to help

IC students with their tuition commitments. 

“The Zeina & Marwan Chamaa fund” was established to help economically struggling students complete their studies

and to prepare for their future.

Zeina & I are honored to contribute and help through my art.

All the artworks listed in the series

"The Art of Conversation"  

are preferentially priced to encourage a big participation.

50% of the proceeds will go towards

“The Zeina & Marwan Chamaa fund“.

Your help could make a difference and will impact whether a student goes to school or loses an opportunity for a proper education. The funds going to “The Zeina & Marwan Chamaa fund“ are tax-deductible. The IC Alumni Washington DC chapter is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) registered organization.

We want to thank Dr. Walid Challhoub, Dr. Sana al-Hajj, Ms. Rolla Fakhoury, the Lebanese-American community, the friends of Lebanon, and all of the ICDC members for continuously

giving Lebanon a helping hand.

Join us in making a difference through art.