"More Love Less Netflix... through Basquiat’s eyes”, this larger than life painting, 5.4m x 1.5m unstretched (17.72 foot x 4.92 foot), in the style of an urban graffiti mural, is a warning to the world that LOVE is in short supply and LOVE is needed especially after the Covid-19 pandemic that brought the world to unprecedented challenges.

Marwan uses some of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s familiar characters executed in simple yet bold brush strokes to get the audience’s attention. The naive characters as well as the large format are a foolproof way that Marwan ensures that people heed his message.

Using quotes about the various meanings of LOVE throughout the ages by a group of eclectic authors, Marwan reiterates his message. The antidote to the dire state of the world is more

LOVE and only more LOVE.