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At 2am the streets were still busy with sirens-blaring fire trucks, speeding cabs,

weaving drunks, passionate lovers and hot dogs. Walking down 2nd Avenue

past the East Village Cinema, we grab a bag of popcorn from the Korean

deli on the corner of East 9th Street just across the street from Veselka, the

Ukrainian diner, then through “little Tokyo” as I like to call it.

A mist had started to settle over the East Village and further down the Avenue

standing on the corner of 6th Street in front of Block Drugs is Superman

comforting Robin. Robin was sobbing “でも彼が大好き” in Japanese, Yuri

translated “But I love him so much”.

I had no idea who Robin was referring to. I guess superheroes have their soft

spots too. René quips from behind of his hand, “Man the tights they’re wearing

these days sure are tight. In real life”.

Popcorn gone and after multiple glasses of Porto wine I say my fond goodbyes

to Sami, Yuri, and René. Brushing my teeth and getting ready to sleep, I switch

the flat screen to NY1, the 24 hour news station, and mute it. The crawling

news ticker screams out “Breaking News: Spiderman arrested a few hours ago

by Bruce Lee in Times Square for allegedly groping a woman and breaking

into a currency exchange. More as the story develops”.

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