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Beirut, it is the summer of 2015, the summer of discontent... 
Lebanon is witnessing what is being baptized as a revolution. The use of the word “revolution” may be used too leisurely and too loosely. True, the voices of the people are loud, the social media pages all full with slogans,satire, critique, poems, songs, velfies, and selfies in the midst of the demonstrators, all in support of change and accountability.
This is a reality TV revolution, every minute, angle, viewpoint, and aspect is being broadcasted live on most local TV channels. Even eager TV reporters are throwing themselves amidst of the action, sometimes losing their objectivity and credibility. This is bold, brave, innocent, chaotic, and naive. Is this enough to make it a true revolution, are we really ready to pay the price, do we have the endurance?

A “revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another” - Mao Zedong.
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