Marwan Chamaa’s career began

in the mid eighties

and continues to metamorphose to this day.

Throughout his artistic journey, Marwan’s muse has

always been his environment.


Marwan resided in many diverse settings such as

Munich, New York, and Beirut.

As his renditions of his surroundings have been reinvented in terms of styles,

he has always remained true to capturing and interpreting

his world as he sees it to his audience.


In the span of his career he has chosen

to highlight life in New York,

to pay tribute to old Beirut,

to represent the consumerism of our fast paced society,

to venerate un-requited love and passion,

and even to reflect on current affairs.


Marwan has used a variety of

artistic styles for each of his series.

He embodies the traits of

a  paparazzi, storyteller, and an epicurean.