Sunday in the Park with Tom

Marwan Chamaa’s series “Sunday in the Park with Tom”

is an illustrated letter to “Tom” (Tom Wesselmann).

From this premise, Marwan Chamaa embarked on interpreting the world today, whether it being on making masterpieces available to the masses by painting-by-numbers to the intertwined thread that holds our diverse lives together through global conglomerates.

His canvases each depict companies seen with static that sometimes blurs or taints our perception of reality making each interaction a personal experience.


Sunday, March 1, 2020

Dear Tom:


I hope that all is well at your end. I have been so busy since moving that I have not had the time to sit and write. Now that I’m enjoying a sunny day in the park, here’s an update on what has been going on in the past weeks.


I can see you rolling your eyes while you read this: first thing I did when I arrived is going to the Apple Store to buy the latest iPhone. I know, you are not impressed, but I have been dreaming of this multi-lens camera! Used my latest acquisition to Google a real-estate agent to rent a flat; I actually found it in record time.

I bought all my furniture from IKEA, YES IKEA... I know very well what you think of them but as you know I am a fast-food kinda guy ;)

Next week, DHL will ship the TV that was on sale at Amazon. I must have a TV to watch CNN’s updates on NASA’s latest Mars images. I, of course, tweeted while sipping on a Coke (trying to cut back) about my fabulous new location. As you have seen, I already shared many photos on Facebook and surprisingly got many likes even by haters.


Last Wednesday, I got invited to a birthday event at the museum; I took a beautiful kit of painting-by-numbers as a gift. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s an appropriate gift. Oh yeah, nearly forgot to mention: as I got out of the Uber, I was amazed by this huge polyptych masterpiece at the very entrance of the museum (check the photo attached). Tom, it’s beautiful here, you should come visit.