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La Dolce Vita

I would like to share with you what happened to my young friend Jad and this gorgeous mademoiselle called Yasmine. Let me begin by presenting her. Yasmine was not like any other girl of her generation. Yasmine was an It girl, all the men wanted her and all the girls want to be her! Yasmine has the bluest of eyes (by Bausch & Lomb), beautiful clear pale skin, luscious lips... She is in her early 20s, she has a body to die for.
Yasmine relied on Jad for rides, talks, and his undying support. Jad is in love with her. So in love with her that he would literally bend over​ backwards for her. Needless to say that she knew this about Jad, and used it to her advantage. He obliged, willingly. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t! Yasmine had her eye on that over the hill sleaziod, Monsieur Samy, aka Napoleon…

She wanted access to La Dolce Vita. A lifestyle that is so very au courrant among the who’s who… She will get him… Hook, line, and sinker. She knew where he hung out, and she reeled him in…​ they made a date. Monsieur Samy, a man in his mid​ fifties, was a cross between Abou Salim al Tabel and Marlon​ Brando at 80… But the ladies all liked him with his yacht, his cars, his friends, his money, and mostly his lifestyle. Thus, began the adventure of Yasmine on the day the date was set.

Destination: La Dolce Vita.
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