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Shama-Sutra is a routine that Marwan goes through in-between or while creating a main
art-project or series. The etymology of this word composed from Shama meaning light or candle in Hindi/ Sansikrit, and Sutra meaning thread/ train of thought.
Thus Shama-Sutra: making light of a routine, or shedding light on a train of thought.
This exercise helps Marwan to focus on the main project at hand and to relax his body and mind to gain a greater control while creating a current project. Shama-Sutra artworks are usually random strokes in terms of color, direction, and emotion. The result of a Shama-Sutra “moment” can be a complete different style than what Marwan is known for.

From the "When asked about his doodles that he has created in-between series, Marwan replied: In between projects and in the midst of creating and working on a series, I need to stretch my fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and especially my mind from the detailed and intense work I invest in my artworks. The results are usually city scenes with many random strokes in terms of color, direction, and emotion;
I call this routine: Shama-Sutra."
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