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Chagrin D'amour - The Musical

“Chagrin D’amour – The Musical” is Marwan Chamaa’s 2015 gharam wa intiqam* series. This series exudes of Marwan Chamaa’s signature sarcastic and tongue in cheek tone. Chagrin d’amour – the musical’s theme is Love with all of its heartaches, revenge, and passion. 

The mélange of the Occident and Orient, as is typical in Chamaa’s works is evident in “Chagrin d’amour – the musical”. Vintage Western comic book covers as well vignettes from famous pieces by Roy Lichtenstein are wittingly woven with 1940's - 1960's Arabic love song lyrics. Marwan’s choice to incorporate Lichtenstein as a backdrop to this particular series is a natural selection as a tribute to the pop artist, who since the beginning of his career, used comic books as subject matter in various of his early paintings.

*gharam wa intiquam loosely translated from Arabic means: Passion and Revenge.
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