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Yuri is in the mood for a dim sum lunch and what a better place to go to than

the many choices around Coco Canal, as we like to call it, aka China Town.

We walk a block west to Broadway and take the downtown R train from the

8th Street station. Once there I convince everybody to take a little detour from

Canal Street and walk a few blocks north to Grand Street where there’s a

quaint Italian trattoria belonging to a friend of mine. Actually, I needed to drop

off some keys and my crew waited for me outside. Suddenly, I hear Sami

shouting my name.

I grab a handful of sugarcoated chocolate nut treats from a jar on the counter

and run out. “The Flash, The Flash!!!”, Sami is screaming, “right there across the

street”. By the time I stumbled out of the trattoria he was gone. I look to René and

he just nodded in his “Clint Eastwood” modus operandi. He got it!

Thank God he was with us.

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