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After seeing my ravioli painting gracing the window of my friend’s trattoria, Sami

and Yuri started chanting “Jiaozi, Jiaozi, Jiaozi” the word for Chinese ravioli.

“Sorry, you must really be starving”, I say apologetically.

We pass all kinds of dim sum joints but no Jiaozi. Still on the lookout, Sami stops

dead and whispers in my ear to look across the street. Is that a heartbroken

Superman gawking at wonder woman seducing batman, his frenemy? No way!

It can’t be her! Is it? Is this what she does for a living? Oh well, I guess it’s just

another day in China Town.

Losing ourselves in the alleys of China Town, we finally see a flashing neon

sign: Hop Shing Restaurant, your Jiaozi is awaiting you.

Yuri said happily “キャナル通りで最高の中華料理 best Chinese on Canal“.

By 4pm we were done with the Asian mezze and we’re all in need of happy hour

drinks before continuing our adventure. Anyway, René decided to give his Leica

a rest. First stop was Old Man Hustle Bar in the Lower East side, then The Whiskey

Ward and Attaboy and well we just kind of lost count.

Not so suddenly it was 9:30pm and we still had a rendezvous in Time Square.

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