Sign Icon.png

The series “Sign Language” is made up of twelve paintings of various sizes, Marwan Chamaa explores the possibility

of finding a universal language that spans across cultures.

This universal language refers to the language of 

well-known signs and logos that have come to denote 

a language spoken and understood by all. 


Out of gas? The “Shell” logo will guide you to a station,

 whether in the sub-sahara desert or in Geneva. 


This series painted in his signature bold colors and strokes, 

reiterates Chamaa’s message that we are all, in fact citizens of

one world, communicating through a universal sign language

that makes sense to all.


All branded products and logos painted in Marwan Chamaa’s series are used as symbols to convey a message/ criticism about the state of the society. All brands painted in the series are not used to enhance the commercial value of the artwork or to create confusion between the brand and the artwork.