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It was a drunken ride on the uptown F train from the 2nd Avenue Station.

At the 42nd Street/ Bryant Park station we unanimously agreed to sit a bit in

Bryant Park and savor the lovely night and recover from all the spirits. After an

hour or so we ambled the few blocks west to Times Square to imbibe of the

energy that overflows there. After a long day and night walking, drinking, and

feeling a bit famished, I promise to take Sami to Captain Foul's Food cart at

Union Square for some late night Hummus. The poor boy was craving authentic

Hummus just not available in his hometown.

It’s a long way from Times Square to Captain Foul, so I convinced them to

share some MacDo fries that we could snack on our return subway ride

to Union Square.

Low on cash, I decided to get some money from an ATM on the corner of

47th Street & 7th Avenue. As I folded the money into my pocket, we turned to

witness a surreal scene. A live match between what looked like Spiderman and

a Bruce Lee look-alike. They appeared to be engaged in mortal combat but

with so many superheroes, Elmos, Sponge Bobs, and Mickey Mouses in Time

Square we couldn’t tell if they were fooling around or if this is for real?

“これがニューヨーク this is New York City”, Yuri mused.

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