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كبتن  فول  حمص  فول  فتة  فلافل

Finally Union Square, we made it! Captain Foul was blaring his signature

“tishtik-tam” tunes from a small radio duck-taped next to the ketchup, mustard,

and tarator containers. I was still lost in thought pondering Bruce Lee and

Spiderman when I saw a shadow tossing a newspaper in a trashcan next to

the food cart. He was a tall man in what appeared to be a Captain America

outfit. After an exhausting 12 plus hours excursion I approached the cart not

really thinking of anything other than ordering some food and heading to bed.

Sami and Yuri ordered an assortment of chick peas puree dishes, Yuri asks

me already knowing my answer, “ファラフェルが好き?” I grinned like the

Cheshire cat, and said “Yes I do like Falafel, thanks Yuri”.

Then I remembered the trashcan. In it, face up, the front page of the New York

Post screamed out printed in a bold tabloid headline: “Who is Captain America?”.

Was that Cap’n Winghead I just saw? Is someone playing a joke on us?

It’s time to head over to my place for a nightcap and call it a night before things

get any weirder.

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